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  • Upto 24Mbs Speed
  • Up to 1.4Mbs upload
  • 100Gb usage 24Mbs
  • Unlimited usage*
  • Static IP address
  • Low term contracts
  • Line rental
  • Web hosting


  • Business services
  • Paper FREE billing
  • VOIP (Voice over IP)
  • Premium Web hosting

Titan DSL Web Hosting

Why you should get premium web hosting

In a world in which technology connects more and more people across the globe, there is no doubt that all individuals and organizations can benefit from this. With its high performance and great IT services, TitanADSL provides you with a premium web hosting that will never disappoint you. Make your business known and accessible to the entire world and enjoy the benefits you receive from it.

If you have a budget for web hosting, choose the premium package and take pleasure in the advanced features. Whether you create a blog for your hobby, or you are an entrepreneur who seeks a site for his store, make your site ready for your visitors. You will be given professional support with every security problem and your data will be protected from viruses and hacking attempts.

A premium host will offer you superior facilities that will please both you and your customers or readers. If you have a lot of traffic, your site may crash. Avoid this situation so that your visitors will not be welcomed by messages that indicate repairs for maintenance. Also, you pages will load faster and no one will lose patience due to lags.

Technical issues can be a burden for everyone. Get help and assistance from the most qualified staff members within a small amount of time. Because every second matters in online business, you can rest assured that your site will be highly monitored. If you are a beginner, then you will be guided through any complex process or features with ease and professionalism.

Premium web hosting is a wonderful opportunity for those who want a top-quality website. Make sure that users always have access to it. You can save precious time that you can use for the development of your company or talent. Relax and be certain that your homepage will always run smoothly and remain up. Keep your clients happy and choose premium web hosting!