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  • Upto 24Mbs Speed
  • Up to 1.4Mbs upload
  • 100Gb usage 24Mbs
  • Unlimited usage*
  • Static IP address
  • Low term contracts
  • Line rental
  • Web hosting


  • Business services
  • Paper FREE billing
  • VOIP (Voice over IP)
  • Premium Web hosting

IT support and services

There comes a time when any business faces technology challenges that require professional IT support. With a great selection of services and qualified staff, the TitanADSL Company helps you develop your management and offers solutions for any problem that might consume your cherished time. From small practices to corporations, you can rest assured that you will have the proper technological assistance that will help you achieve your goals.

Due to the progress of today’s technology and the increase of users, there is no wonder that there is a high demand for modern services. You can receive guidance with the new products and features so that you can prevent any related issues. Receive a plan that fits your budget and get the best value from them. The friendly experts will explain everything to you with patience.

For an enterprise, the IT assets can be some wonderful resources for success if they are well managed and serve the company’s objectives. As people these days use the Internet for all different kinds of activities like games, movies, work or news, it is necessary that you are provided with a high speed Internet package that will allow you to download files without hassle.

You can take advantage of the static IP address service and ensure yourself that all your programs will work just fine. Forget about a plethora of contract terms and gain more power upon your demands and needs. There is nothing better than a deal that will offer you some freedom when it comes to conditions and fees that will benefit both parties.

Another fantastic facility for which you can opt is telephone line rental. Make sure you can be contacted by your partners or your employees can make calls without huge costs. Choose the line from TitanADSL and you will never regret it. Be efficient and spare yourself the enormous invoices that might cause harm to your budget. Let the professionals take care of your needs.

In case you are interested in a website for you or your organization, pick web hosting and get creative. You will be supplied with space on a bought or leased server so that you can use it for anything you desire. Make your information accessible and select the type you want. From database support to application platforms, keep your firm in good hands.

Use the advantage of Voice over IP and improve the progress of your enterprise. All your voice calls will be transformed into data that you can send via e-mail or through the Internet. If you are away on a trip, you can make calls from your computer and carry out meetings or communicate with your workers through speakers and a microphone.

IT support and services influence your management in a remarkable manner and makes your job easier. Solve your problems faster, set up your devices in the most productive way and boost the performance of your business. You will be attended with care and offered precious advice. Maintain your computer system in a perfect state and choose the best IT support and service you will ever find!